Sandrine Bihorel

"Craftsman of art," he who fashions a piece from his craft, such are the words that Sandrine Bihorel chooses to best define her career as an artist. Her current works are the culmination of a long journey during which she slowly developed an intimate knowledge of her materials, experimented with novel techniques of application, and developed her own aesthetic. Bihorel chooses clay, often embedded with vegetable or animal fibers, as her medium. At once sculptor, painter, ornamentalist and photogrpher she avails herself of a variety of art techniques and a great liberty of expression to achieve her art.


Lauret studio
butter dish by lauret studio

In the course of the last five years Sandrine Bihorel has created several collections of ornamental panels, each collection taking its inspiration from a particular theme. These panels are uniquely created; each one is made from clay laid over a wood base and then painted utilizing diverse instruments, paints and inks. Their surface, highly worked and irregular, bears at times a striking resemblance to antique painted leatherwork and gives the impression of both fragility and eternity. The assemblage of several panels allows her the treatment of massive surfaces.

Collection "Fleurs XXL" 2008-2009
Grand Triptyque aux Pivoines

Atelier Sandrine Bihorel
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